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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 3, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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going to smoke crack. >> thank you, andy. remy, bill schulz, that does it for me. what is wrong? i don't know anymore. what happened? ington. i'm bret baier. this is fox news weather alert. severe storms and more than a dozen tornadoes have ripped through part of the country today. they're not done. a southern indiana town completely wiped out. several people are reported dead in area and the numbers are expected to rise. we'll check in with rick reichmuth at the fox news weather center in a bit. joining us now on the phone, john gordon, meteorologist near kentucky. john, what can you tell us about the area and what you are hearing about the damage throughout this area? >> bret, that is going on, we had super cell thunderstorms producing storms in indiana. we're in the process we are
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still issuing tornado warnings south and east of louisville area. significant damage obviously. loss of life in southern indiana, which we are very sad about. we're still trying to issue warnings from the national weather service to protect life and property across kentucky and the eastern side, cutting toward the lexington area. south of there right now. >> bret: just to be clear, for people listening in. warning means a tornado has been sighted or is on the ground somewhere. people need to act quickly. >> bret: absolutely. the prediction center put out a dangerous situation this morning. we had information out for five days and it doesn't mitigate the storms or damage. these are destructive. >> bret: issued in alabama z illinois, indiana, kentucky, and north carolina. you are a meteorologist. this is a huge series of cel cells. >> it's terrible. warm air in the cool season and you pay for this. similar to the palm sunday event of 1994 in piedmont,
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alabama, at the church. we hate warm weather in february. we like it in the 40s. when it gets in the 70s, in february, and january, we pay for it. with violent tornadoes. >> bret: what can we expect the rest of the night? people have to be aware. >> there are more storms, off and on severe weather across the eastern part of kentucky and tennessee. and moving eastbound. the storms are rotating. we're getting baseball-size hail. this happened in munfordville, kentucky, a few minutes ago. we suspect there are several tornadoes on the ground. we're checking with the storm spotters and working with the emergency management, the local media. we're working at team here. >> bret: we had major chuck adams and sheriff department on the phone. and the phone died. but he said earlier the town of marysville in indiana is "completely gone." when you see some of the
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devastation from some of the tornadoes, it's massive. >> it's terrible. it breaks my heart. it hate this. i got into this business a long time ago because i love weather. but i hate to see the effects of this. we're hearing the same things across the boarder in southern indiana in clark county, towns like maryville, henryville, high school damaged. it's awful and our heart goes out to the families. we're still issuing warnings. if you hear this in southern kentucky there is bad news for several hours. >> bret: the l.a. thing before i let you go, you have important work to do, can you put it in perspective, historical looking for this particular storm system and what has happened in the past? >> events like in this the past and you know, like i said, the mississippi tornado. tornadoes on palm sunday. it's not uncommon. dixie alley, something you might want to talk about tonight. dixie alley really gets going. that is the area in the mid-and deep south in the cool
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season. potential tornado tremendous in the deep south. >> bret: john gor dan, meteorologist, very business. we appreciate your time to get the warning out to folks no get out of the way. >> take care. >> bret: as you are looking at some of the pictures from all the different areas we are just establishing a kentucky with chuck adams the clark county sheriff department major we talked about earlier, talking about the extreme damage in indiana. specifically. and we want to make sure everyone in the areas is paying attention not only to this, but the local weather and radio, any warnings. if you get that warning to take immediate action. chuck adams is major with sheriff department. the lines dropped again. the cell service is spotty due to the storms and with people checking in. we will check in throughout this show tonight and keep you
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updated on the breaking situation. again, at least 12 tornadoes. a town in indiana is said to be completely gone. at least six dead, though the number is expected to rise. we'll keep you updated on the fox news channel. just telling, getting told we do have major chuck adams on the phone from the clark county sheriff department. major adams can you hear me? >> i can. thank you, sir, for joining us. we tried to connect with you earlier. can you just give us perspective from your vantage point about what you are seeing, what are you are hearing in your area? >> we have widespread damage throughout the northwestern county. travelling after the storm travelled west to east, with what looks like from my officer here on the street in the county. concentrated primarily in the
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indiana area. we do have extensive damage. one school being heavily damaged. students were evacuated earlier from the school. no injuries, just minor scrapes and scratches. so they are all safe. then apparently, my county, which is marysville area up toward the eastern part of the county, severe and damaged also. >> bret: we heard a quote from you that said completely gone. i mean, just put that in perspective for folks. >> well, that was reported to us by apparently some of the residents of marysville. i do have two officers that reported to me since then that there is heavy damage in the marysville area. you have to understand that it's a very rural area in the county. consisting of just hardware store and gas station and
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pretty large farms. they are reporting heavy tree damage. lines down. barns and resident residences d. >> bret: this is stretching from the south through the midwest. some of the middle atlantic states. the last thing, major, you have your hands full. a lot more to go through as you see the extent of the damage. what is your top priority at this point? >> our top priority is just getting to the calls and we're concentrating the darkness is coming in right now. probably about 30 minutes until dusk here. making sure anyone who needs assistance we reach them as soon as possible. we reported one fatality in my county. however, i can't confirm whether it was storm-related or not. my officers on the scene there. that is in the area and the coroner has not arrived yet.
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i can't confirm if it's directly related to the damaging storm that travelled through here or not. >> bret: mayor chuck adams from the clark county sheriff department. major adams, we appreciate your time. good luck. a lot of people are thinking about you and the residents in the area. we'll keep you updated throughout the show on the breaking news. in washington, president obama set the stage for a crucial next few days in trying to keep israel from attacking acran over the nuclear ambitions. he did that making the strongest statement yet. wendell goler has the story. >> days before a crucial meeting with the israeli prime minister, president obama aides say he hasn't given up on the diplomacy to resol tv nuclear program. >> there is time and space available to purr sow that pass and pressure iran, isolate it.
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to have ever-increasing level of sanctions. >> there is one called the trap. >> for the talks as we have done in the past, to delay. so that they can continue to advance their nuclear program. and get to the nuclear finish line. >> there have long been questions about how much either man really trusts the other, but in an extensive interview with goldberg, mr. obama tried to make clear he mean what is he says about using force in iran, if diplomacy fails. he said, "i think the israeli government recognizes as president of the united states, i don't bluff." israelis worry iranian nuclear scientists at some point will enter what they call a zone of immunity, after which military action would be ineffective or a brief set-back. it's not clear that mr. obama and mr. netanyahu agree when the zone begins. that makes some lawmakers nervous.
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>> nobody gains from the u.s. and israel having space with the question of iran nuclear program. >> meanwhile, iranianens voted in what would agree is meaningless parliamentary election. republicans hoping to run against mr. obama in the fall are tending to suggest he is too tough on israel and too soft on iran. he says that is the natural result of center left government in this country. the spokesman says the president doesn't see the iran issue politically. >> he is focus topped threat that iran represents, to the israel region and the world. >> the president will make the case before the largest israel lobby. monday he meets with netanyahu. he may be asked how far iran will be allowed to go before the u.s. military says no further. bret? >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. while trying to avoid war in iran, the u.s. is scrambling
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to figure out how to manage the war it's conducting in afghanistan. national security correspondent jennifer griffin says we learned the toughest part may be figuring out who the enemy really is. >> the furor over the inned a ver tent burning of the quran by u.s. troops in afghanistan spilled over to pakistan today. protesters declaring america enemy of the quran. neither president hamid karzai or u.n. special envoy the day before helped quell the anger at u.s. troops, calling for the american troops to be punished. >> it's not us. the u.n. who desecrated the holy quran. it's the military. it's for the military to decide what kind of steps they will take. >> group of afghan religious leaders after meeting with president karzai fueled the protesters' anger calling the quran burning an evil, savage act and demanding retribution. >> that is absolutely
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irresponsible given what took place here. it just further incites the violence. >> at fort campbell, kentucky today, defense secretary leon panetta tried to reassure troops preparing to deploy they can still trust afghans. >> we have had isolated incidents where our troops have been shot at by some of them. but they are isolated incidents. >> six americans have been killed by their afghan parters in response to the quran burning. but they aren't the first since 2007, afghan security forces turned their guns on the american and european partners, 61 times. killing 70 and injuring over 100. 12 nato troops were killed by afghan troops this year alone. former ambassador martin coauthored a book explaining the contradictions of president obama's afghan strategy. >> in order to end the war in afghanistan, we sought to go in there and deal a blow to the taliban. better to be able to negotiate
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our exit. and it's the ambivalence between needing to get in and wanting to get out. that i think undermined the overall strategy. >> two-third of all u.s. service member death in afghanistan have occurred since 2009. fox learned the five u.s. troops involved in the inned a ver tent quran burning left afghanistan for their own safety. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. coming up, president obama weighs in on a controversy involving rush limbaugh and a young female law student. that's next.
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>> bret: soaring fuel prices took a bit of a break today. gasoline was up just a fraction of a penny. the national average remains $3.74 a gallon. crude oil lost a couple of dollars. to close at just around $107 a
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barrel. wall street stocks were off. house republicans want to know why the price tag for the obama healthcare went up this year. it estimates cost for subsidies to help middle class people buy insurance at $478 billion. last year it was $367 billion. the administration is citing budget technicalities. a different controversy in washington. involves a law school student, rush limbaugh and the president of the united states. james rosen connects the dots for us. >> president obama's call to law student sandra lasted several minutes. >> he, like a lot of people feels the kind of the personal attacks that she, that have been directed her way are
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inappropriate. >> activist on reproductive issues she was the star witness at session held by the house democrats and defended the mandate on female contraception claiming the lack of coverage by contraception in the student healthcare man at georgetown, catholic jez it with institution imposes burden on the female students. >> with other coverage, contraception as you know can cost a woman $3,000 in law school. 40% of the female students at georgetown law reported to us that they struggled financially, as a result of this policy. >> it makes her a prostitute. right? she wants to be paid to have sex. >> rush limbaugh, the provocateur, most popular radio show lit into her and she said she was shocked by the attempt to silence her. limbaugh doubled down to barter for the subsidy. >> it would be video of the sex posted online for all to
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see. >> i rise this morning to say to rush limbaugh shame on you. >> democrats pounced and the party snarl campaign committee fought to fundraise and said limbaugh's comment and the fundraising effort were inappropriate. today, limbaugh challenged the white house to join him in demanding that a pro-obama super pac return $1 million donation from left wing comedian bill maher. >> you want to get tapes of some of the things that bill maher has called sarah palin? the "c" word, over and over again. >> the radio host again defended his choice of words. >> $1,000 a year. and she is going broke. wants us to buy it. >> by late afternoon, emily's list, the pro-choice advocacy group is blasting out fundraising e-mails denouncing limbaugh. but conservatives are mobilizing with groups of women, and other figures that are going to launch citizens for religious freedom.
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>> bret: we haven't heard the end of this. thank you. when we come back, the attacks increase in the presidential campaign and we update breaking news
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>> bret: we're getting ready for what is promising to be exciting days for n the republican presidential campaign. washington state will host caucuses saturday with big private delegate ace head of the mother lode of delegates on tuesday. mitt romney appears to be gaining and rick santorum is definitely attacking. >> campaigning in ohio, rick santorum had one word to describe the latest revolutio revolutions about romney's record. [ inaudible ] that was aimed at the attack
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on santorum and gingrich as influence peddling washington insiders after this 10-year-old rid owe reveal by abc news showed romney running for governor in 2002, promising to use his washington connection to get money for massachusetts. >> i'm a big believer to get money where the money is. the money is in washington. it learn from the olympic experience if you have people who understand how washington works and personal associations there, you can get money to help build economic development opportunities. >> aides say he is pursued fund for his state as all governors do. he was in washington state holding a nonbinding caucus tomorrow. he made no mention of his rivals. the latest quinnipiac poll shows romney closing the gap to a virtual tie. santorum, 35. romney 31 in the poll's margin of error. romney leads with moderates but santorum leads with self-described conservatives and tea partiers by similar margins. the real clear politics average has santorum 57.7
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points but it includes data from before romney swept michigan and arizona. fully one-third of all ohio primary voters say they may change their minds. it's going all the way to the wire in the buckeye state. gingrich was in a must-win state of georgia. resuming the criticism of his rivals after trying to remain positive for the past few weeks. >> unlike governor romney i am not going to washington to manage decay. unlike senator santorum i'm not going to washington to join the team. i want a new team called the american people who fordramatic -- force dramatic bold change on washington. >> gingrich has such a commanding lead in georgia that romney and santorum put in little more than token effort. for them the token battle is ohio. whichever one wins could severely, politically lethally crip the other. >> bret: carl cameron live in ohio. we'll be there sunday and the show on monday. thank you. we'll bring you coverage of the caucus on saturday.
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i'm appear on several programs on the afternoon and evening, including mike huckabee's candidate forum from ohio starting at 8:00 eastern. we will have a special one-hour recap of the day and look forward beginning at 10:00 eastern. a federal judge ruled the national labor relations board will require most private businesses to put up posters telling workers they have a legal right to join the union. business groups unsuccessfully argue it was a violation of free speech rights. they are expected to appeal. general motors will suspend production of the chevy volt electric car. and its european counterpart. g.m. told employees they will be laid off for five weeks. both sales have not met expectations. there were questions about safety of the batteries. but the government says the car is as safe as a gas powered vehicle. the president late's budget proposal calls for increase in the tax incentives to purchase electric vehicles to $10,000. at a uaw conference this week,
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the president said he'd buy a volt. once he leaves office. several towns in the midwest and the south take direct hits and several others are left bracing for the worst after a severe storm system and a bunch of tornadoes ripped through a large swath of the country. we'll bring you the latest when we come back. we w
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>> bret: this is a fox news weather alert. we're covering the breaking news happening that hour involving severe storms and
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tornadoes in the midwest and the south. more than a dozen people have died in the past couple of days in these storms. the storm system. one southern indiana town said to be extremely damaged. many other towns possibly taking a direct hit at this hour. let's check in now with rick reichmuth at the fox weather center for the latest. rick, where are we right now? >> bret, i tell you what, such a widespread. you talk about the damage in indiana. we have tornado warpings as far south as florida. a lot of real estate under the gun here. i got to tell you if there is good news, areas to the west. that is the last line of storms. if you are back behind that, toward illinois or western kentucky, in to indiana, you are fine. you have a really rough day. we're not done. it progresses toward the east. these are watches in effect. you see this, it goes until midnight. central time. until 11:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll push to the dark hours when you don't get any kind of visual cue of any warning. tornadoes that might be out there. i want to show you this, right here. anyplace you see a red square,
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the red outline, those are active tornado warnings. these go down to florida to alabama and georgia. they stretch up north across tennessee, toward north carolina to west virginia. a dangerous batch of these cutting right here across kentucky. these are going to be the worst storms we see. we saw some of these across the ohio river valley. the actual in toward the river area. now they are pulling up toward the eastern part of kentucky. i think probably, bret the next three hours we still have a threat for large long live dangerous tornadoes. at that point, we'll have a tornado threat to the overnight hours and we will see smaller tornadoes. that doesn't mean it can't damage your place or cause significant problems but the next few hours i think are dangerous. kentucky and tennessee parts of ohio are likely the worse of this. >> bret: especially in the tarkness. we have new video in from indiana. some of the towns there that are hit. this is amateur video looking
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at this tornado. some of the storm chaser videos. listen, when there is a warning, it means that someone has seen the tornado or there is authorities that are saying it's on the ground. people should act. >> also possibly that the radar indicating an enough rotation they believe there is a tornado on the ground. these today, all of the radar signatures have been verifying that there is a tornado on the ground. one of the problems has been they are either rapped in rain so you don't get a visual cue. they are moving in the forward progreg. storms are hooking across here at 70 to 80 miles per hour. so you don't have a long time to prepare for the storms coming in to your direction. the last thing is a lot of storms have been lining up in kind of train fashion. you might be having a tornado and thinking you are in the clear when it's gone and then another hour later, another tornado comes over the same area. a lot of people dealing with
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this in round after round today. >> bret: very scary. rick reichmuth, we'll continue to follow this on fox news channel. people should tune in to the local stations as well to get the warnings. rick, thank you. the story we brought you earlier in week in the grape grape, about a new soccer field for terror suspects at guantanamo bay has obviously a lot of people really upset. especially over the $750,000 cost. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has latest on the reaction. good evening. >> good evening. fox news broke the story tuesday. members of the house and staffer from the i preparation committee want answers on the guantanamo bay soccer field. one of the congressman who is introducing the no field act that would pemmize the defense department and cut the 2013 budget by $744,000. the price tag for the controversial project. >> we are talking about a significant amount of money being spent for terrorist
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detainees at a camp. that we have been told is supposed to be closed. what follows a terrorist soccer league? these radicals should be doing hard time. not soccer time. >> guantanamo soccer field half the size of american football field has special passengers to allow detainee go from detention center to outdoors without military escort. leon panetta was asked about the project at this week's house budget hearing where he defended the plan to increase healthcare fees for the military. >> did you know apparently our federal taxpayers are paying for $750,000 soccer field at gitmo? is that something that the department of defense knew about? >> sorry, what was that? >> $750,000 soccer field at gitmo that was just announced by the department of defense. is it something you were aware of? >> no, i wasn't. >> the guantanamo commander who overseas the camp explained the high cost and need to ship equipment and
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materials to the remote navy base adding their mission to keep detainees under safe conditions to provide socialization. gitmo officials were asked how the project compared to other others. >> say whether this is the largest construction going on right now? >> let me check that fact but i'm pretty sure it is. i can't think of anything else. >> anything else on that scale? >> the price tag of $744,000 is significant. depending on spokesman -- pentagon spokesman confirmed anything over $749,000 needs congressional approval. so far, democrats are silent on the issue. aclu, human rights watch and amnesty international had no comment tonight. >> bret: thank you. the president weighs in on a dispute between rush limbaugh and the d.c. law student. next in panel. along with a preview of some of the big days ahead in presidential campaign.
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there is going to be a bunch of states that are going to make their mind up in the next couple of days but you guys are first. so your voice is going to be heard. >> people of ohio, y'all know, this is the biggest prize on soup you are tuesday. it's always the biggest prize, no matter what it is. at the center of everything. >> senator santorum is a big government, big labor conservative, who is a team player. he said so in the last debate. that's fine. i'm not a team player. i am a change agent. >> things have been going very well, but we keep coming back to washington, because we expect to do real well here. >> bret: the candidates today on the trail. washington state, the caucuses up next. that is tomorrow. 43 delegates on the line. we'll have complete coverage. then we get to super tuesday, a bunch of states. you heard rick santorum talking about ohio. it will be important. look at the latest polls. visit this is a quinnipiac university poll. santorum has 4% lead over
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romney. it is within the margin of error. this is quinnipiac. rasmussen, santorum on top 33-31, also within the margin of error. you put the real clear politics of average latest polls up there and you see romney is making some move from where the polls were before. bring in the panel and start there. fred barnes, executive editor of "weekly standard." liz marlanes, for christian science monitor. charles lane, opinion writer for "washington post." fred, your thoughts? washington tomorrow and state of the race. >> washington don't select any delegates. >> bret: like most caucus states. but it's about momentum. >> it is about momentum. romney doesn't need to win there. he is ahead in one poll, and that would be remarkable. but you have santorum and paul there. i wouldn't surprised if ron paul won there. he has been the most active. i don't think washington is going the have any spillover effect on super tuesday.
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it just won't. it's a caucus for one thing. we get to super tuesday. i will i have v to say santorum is right when he said that ohio is everything for republicans its history no republican has been elected president without winning ohio. this is just the primary. miff rule of thumb is go with the guy who has momentum. that is romney. he is a little behind but remember he is was double digits behind a week ago and now he is gaining. on top of that, you know romney will win massachusetts, vermont, virginia, and what is the other one here? idaho. maybe a couple other of the ten states on super tuesday. so i think romney is in good shape. >> bret: we're heading to ohio, liz, on sunday. we'll do the show out of cincinnati on monday. it's a big state. for gingrich, georgia is the biggest of the big states. it will determine whether really he stays in the race. >> yeah. and as he, himself, has said. i don't know if winning georgia is enough really for gingrich at this point. he won't necessarily have to leave the race.
1:43 am
but not too long ago we were talking about how gingrich might be able to have some southern strategy to win georgia and tennessee and oklahoma on super tuesday. maybe then that would be enough of a blow to romney he could forge a path to the convention. i don't think just winning georgia does it. so it's hard to see even if he wins georgia really how gingrich can construct a path going forward. romney is not that far behind in georgia. he might, romney might actually beat expectations there. i think super tuesday is looking better and better for romney right now. >> bret: that seems to be conventional wisdom. chuck, after michigan and arizona, that things turned around for romney and despite all of the folks talking about a devastating situation despite the delegates split in michigan, that there seems to be a different take. >> yeah, i think things not only brighten for romney they darkened for santorum. he made a few verbal fluffs there out of michigan. he had issues supposedly with his position on issues affecting women.
1:44 am
that didn't make him look great. put the two things together and suddenly romney is the more plausible winner for ohio. i agree with feds. the trend in the poll is for romney. he's within the margin of error in ohio. there may be would-be gingrich voters who will flip over to him rather than santorum now. and i'll tell you, if he could make inroads in tennessee, as well as a place like georgia, for the first time he would start to show national snowball effect on his side. >> bret: the big question mark, as we have seen in the race, is the only thing that is certain is that it's uncertain. and a lot of stuff can happen between now and then. let's turn now to the controversy here in d.c. today. the president talling this woman who is a georgetown law student who testified up on capitol hill about the want and need to have health insurance cover her contraception. and the price of that. the president called her today after rush limbaugh weighed
1:45 am
in. and called her a number of different names on his radio show. take a listen. >> he wanted to offer his support to her. express disappointment she was the subject of personal attacks. >> sandra is having so much sex that she can't afford it. she is going broke, i believe. she said. the democrats need these planks to scare voters about the republican party. contraception is replacement plank for abortion in the democrat party platform. that is what is happening here in a political sense. >> bret: what about this, liz? the back and forth and the political ram fillcations. >> first, i have to say, rush limbaugh does not understand how birth control works because the comments that, you know, she wanted more birth control somehow -- anyway. >> bret: she testified she
1:46 am
was paying $3,000 over three years for contraception. >> but he kept saying in his comments today that, you know, she wanted to have more sex and needed more birth control pills, that is now how it works. putting that aside, the other point that limbaugh made is that democrats are trying to make it about birth control and republicans want it on religious liberty. limbaugh did not help that cause with any of the comments. he squarely made this about birth control, which is not an issue i think any republican wants to run on. it's not helping the party or santorum. going back to the previous discussion, in this particular furor has not helped his candidacy as all. it has been a boon for democrats. not that anyone wants to talk about this in the first place, democrats say we'll take it. they raised $1.1 billion on the issue. >> they act like republicans want to been a contraceptions.
1:47 am
nonsense. i wouldn't have used the word that rush limbaugh did toward her, but there is a point here. she thinks whatever financial burden, $1,000 a year she has to pay for contraception is more important than religious freedom and the conscience of religious institutions like catholic hospitals. i don't agree. >> i think we should not talk about the politics and talk about it on a human level. i have covered politics in washington for 30 years and i can't remember more hateful outburst from a public figure that was less possible to justify by any political disagreement. what rush limbaugh said was unworthy of decent political discourse. some of the people who are watching the show should listen to it if they have a chance and decide how they feel and see if it's the kind
1:48 am
of thing they want to be associated with. to listen to or have leaders trying to associate themselveses with in politics. he said democrats are using this to scare voters. i think what rush limbaugh did scares voters. >> bret: next up, the friday lightning round including should the pentagon budget be reduced by $750,000 it takes to build the soccer field at gitmo?
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>> bret: ever week, viewers vote for your choice online. this, the friday lightning round poll. this week, the gitmo soccer field won with 27% of the vote. you saw the story by catherine herridge. back with the panel. $750,000. defense secretary panetta said he didn't know about it but
1:52 am
that is the cost at the soccer field at gitmo. fred? >> gosh. what a ridiculous expenditure. they are having a game. how would you like to be the referee? >> yes, the department of defense say they need this for moral purposes and the high cost to ship every item in. hard to get things in the particular area. why didn't they build it themselves? that would be morale building. >> bret: the administration wants to close gitmo as fast as it can, this is -- >> they don't want to close it. they're offering ferret venue for the world cup. >> bret: next stop pick, more steerous. the prime minister is heading to washington this weekend to meet with the president on
1:53 am
monday. here is what prime minister benjamin netanyahu said about iran possibly drag its feet through the process. >> if we could pursue or exploit the talks in the past to conceal and delay, so they will advance the nuclear program and get to the finish line by running the clock, running out the clock so to speak. i think the community should not fall in this trap. >> president obama giving interview to atlantic magazine said this. i think that the israeli government recognizes that the president of the united states, i don't bluff. i also don't go around advertising what the intentions are, and i think both the iranian and the israeli governments recognize when the united states says, it's unacceptable for iran to have nuclear weapon. >> we're here talking about rush limbaugh and cotra seption. this is something dramatic. developing over the weekend.
1:54 am
going in monday's meeting between the leaders that never quite trusted one another and yet they have to work together on a problem vital to both of them and the world. they are groping for words. that will enable them to determine whether benjamin netanyahu's case he can trust barack obama to as the president says, have his back. on the other hand, the president suspicious of netanyahu. he wants to pull something during the election. they have to work out a way that obama can reassure netanyahu that somehow netanyahu holds his fire it will be taken care of. liz? >> i agree. fascinating interview in the atlantic. we are saying to israeli, don't strike now. we have your back. don't strike now. we saw the president articulating that. it's not our interest to iran have a nuclear weapon.
1:55 am
we have won't let it happen. >> when i hear the word "unacceptable" that doesn't help at all. the president has to recognize most important thing here is that israel, the iranians are existential threat to survival of israel. that is the most important factor here. but i agree with chuck. obama and netanyahu need to be on the same page. blamed or attack and criticized and thinks they don't attack on its own. so the idea will be to have the u.s. well. and have an attack that worked. >> bret: quickly, down the row. this week olympia snowe in maine, republican, announced she is not running for re-election. at the same time, we had bob kerry, a democrat in nebraska saying he is going to run for ben nelson's retiring ben nelson's seat in nebraska. will the republicans be able to take over the senate? >> it will be hard. maine makes it more difficult. remember maine is not just
1:56 am
old, the same old blue state. republicans had a huge victory there in 2010. >> bret: liz? >> uphill climb for republicans now. that i have to win maine and massachusetts. >> i think they are doing better than you think in massachusetts. couple of polls showed scott brown. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned to find out why you may need to change your saturday night
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>> bret: finally tonight, another invitation to stay with us saturday for a big day of political coverage here on fox news channel. i will be here in the afternoon and early evenings for updates on the washington state caucuses. i have reports during mike huckabee's ohio candidate forum. that starts at 8:00 eastern. that's going to be very interesting. the candidates talking for the last time really together about the super tuesday before the super tuesday, 10 state wrap up there plus, we plan


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